AF393 decompressione violenta...


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8 Ottobre 2007

Breaking News - Airfrance Boeing 777-328(ER) operating flight #AF393 returned back to Beijing(PEK) on 18th September due to an explosion inside the Cabin Around the Row#52. Sources say, Aircraft heading towards Paris (CDG), one of the occupants heard a loud noise as the aircraft took off, a rush of air coming from under his feet, which was added with smell of smoke as well. The descriptions indicate an issue with the Air conidtioning system of the Aircraft. Cockpit decided to turn back the Boeing aircraft 14 minutes after take off , Followed by a safe landing and passenger evacuation.


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17 Giugno 2019
Per me i due seduti lì avevano mangiato pesante prima di partire, da li l’esplosione da sotto e disintegrazione delle sedute, non c’entra il condizionamento.
È andata bene dai…